Kroon Timmer & Onderhoudswerken

KTO is a young company started in 2012 by myself after over 20 years of experience in the construction and maintenance industry as an all round carpenter

In my years as an all round carpenter I have performed a wide range of work for housing corporations, individuals, property holding companies, owners associations and numerous other organisations.

This wide range of experience has resulted in the development of a fundamental set of values which echo my vision and work ethic and form the core values that you can expect from KTO.


This company can deliver a wide range of services for contractors, housing corporations, individuals, property holding companies, owners associations such as:
• Maintenance of your home or office
• Various remodeling and refurbishments
• Kitchens and bathrooms
• Supply and installation of windows, doors, frames, skylights and glass
• Installation of high security locks and accessories
• Reparation of wood rot (including partial replacement)
• Placing of wood and laminate floors

This is just a small sample of the services provided. If you are interested in one of the above or have a project not listed, please feel free to contact KTO to discuss the options and possibilities to realize your project.

The core values of KTO


KTO strives to deliver quality in all work and services provided.
From start to completion, I find it important that the work performed is done so in neat and proper manner to ensure that the quality of the final result is not compromised. Working with passion for the products, the desire to make something aesthetically pleasing, that you can look back on with pride before moving on. The desire to deliver excellent quality is something that I and KTO stand for and that is why it is one of my core values. Not just because it is something my clients desire but because I refuse to and cannot settle for anything less.

Good Communication

In my years as an all round carpenter I have seen the importance of good, clear and polite communication. Unfortunately this is not always the case. From the many years of being the point of contact for associations, corporations and individuals, I realize the importance of this both for the client and for myself. By truly listening to your needs and desires I am able to offer advise based on my knowledge and experience and to work with you to realize the best solution to your satisfaction.


In my opinion, this is one of the most essential core values. It goes without saying that you as the client want to be able to trust the person and rely on made agreements being kept. Mutual trust is necessary to be able to work together to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome of the services and product. Keeping appointments and sticking to agreements, completing work as per the agreed specifications and in general being able to trust the persona and professional. I find this equally as important as you do and take pride in delivering on this value.